Beware Fake VAT & Tax Emails

Scammers are busy improving the apparent authenticity of their emails.

VAT emails from ‘’, appear to be genuine, but could well be fakes. Be wary of attachments. Do not open them unless you are sure of the source. You can read more about security issues on HMRC’s website.

Fake tax return acknowledgements may have fake UTR numbers in them, often containing the wrong number of digits (10). You should never disclose your personal or payment information in reply to an email that may look like it’s from HMRC.

However, if you have already given any of your personal information, for example your HMRC User ID, password or National Insurance number, in reply to a suspect email please forward brief details to

Do not disclose any of your personal details or information in the email report to HMRC. It will help them to investigate if you would tell them the type(s) of information that you disclosed to the suspect website.

For example – I gave my name, address, date of birth, bank card details, HMRC User ID etc.

As ever, if you receive suspicious emails, please send them to

If your are one of our accountancy clients and you receive an email from HMRC then please feel free to give us a call on 01323 649509 and we can discuss whether we think it is real.