community interest A community interest company can be a non-profit making organisation. Shares can be issued to encourage investment. Usually certain arms of charity can become a CIC as well as social enterprises.

A Social Enterprise is for the benefit of the local community, A social enterprise will want to use their profits and assets for the public good.

An example of this could be An Elderly day care centre, a Youth Centre or a Public House, which may be at threat of closing. But, without such a youth Centre, Elderly day care centre or Public house, it could cut off a life line to many children or elderly in that local area. Some locals, business partners or volunteers may wish to keep that Youth Centre going to help children find new skills for employment, develop interests or hobbies and develop social skills. Or for the Public house, locals may want to keep the pub that has been in their local community for many years, open. So people in isolated rural areas can socialise. Loneliness is a common denominator amongst the elderly so a vital service such as a Day care centre being closed, may cause those essential socialising skills and lines of communication to be lost. In these cases, (and many others) a social enterprise can take place and funds can be pooled together by a group of people to keep a place running, managed and secure further funding through local grants, fundraising and initiatives.

At Dominic Hill we want to do more for our community, by appreciating the importance of keeping businesses open, supporting those that are vulnerable in our communities and we specialise in supporting Social Enterprises that provide for the greater good in our society. Contact us today to get your Social Enterprise started.


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